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The snow birthday

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Our Service To Help Austin and Jenny


Austin and Jenny have chosen to serve full time missions. Austin has been called to serve in Ghana, a country in Africa. Jenny has been called to serve in Chile, in South America. Austin will be arriving in Ghana May 3, 2013.

In honor of the the service they will be providing, and with the hope and faith that their service will touch hundreds, maybe even thousands of families and people, we wanted to perform a service of our own.

As a family, we designed, crafted, illustrated, and published a children’s eBook. The book is available on Amazon here.

Our Family’s Gift To Your Family


This is a gift, prepared with love, that we are trying to give to 10,000 families or more. From our family to yours. We have scheduled with Amazon to have five free days from April 12-16.

We are hoping that this small act of service will touch many people, and that reaching this lofty goal will give Austin and Jenny the confidence that, with God’s help, they can accomplish great things while out there on their missions.

We would ask that you accept our gift of service, by downloading the eBook that we made. You can download the book from amazon at this link: http://austinsgift.com/go/the-snow-birthday/. If possible, please try to download it on the first free day, so we have an idea of how many more we need to give away before the end of our grace period. Then pass this link around to your friends and family. Post it on Facebook, or include it in a tweet. Keep in mind that the eBook will only be FREE April 12-16, so we will have to have reached our goal by midnight April 16. Please send as many people as you can to AustinsGift.com for their free eBook.

Thank you so much for your kind help and support,

With Love,

The Giles Family,

Dean, Brenda, Nathan, Jennifer, Austin, Andrew, Timothy

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About Ghana


Below are answers to some of the most common questions, people always ask;


So where is Ghana? Is Ghana, Africa?

Ghana is located in West Africa. It is sandwiched between Ivory Coast to the West and Togo to the East, Burkina Fasso to the North and the sandy shores of the Gulf of Guinea to the south.


Ghanaians are made up of many ethnic groups. Some of these groups include the Akans, Mole- Dagbon, Ewes, and the Ga- Adangbes just to name a few, with the Akans being the majority.


Due to the diverse ethnicity, there are over 100 different dialects spoken in Ghana. English has become the official language since the British took over in the colonial days. Now over 60% of the total population can read and write English.

Information about Ghana collected from http://www.travel-to-discover-ghana.com/facts-about-ghana.html.

About Chile

Where is Chile?
Chile is one of the two countries in Latin America that do not border Brazil. It occupies a long, narrow coastal strip between the Pacific Ocean and the Andes mountains. It shares borders with Peru in the north, Bolivia in the northeast, Argentina in the east, and the Drake Passage in the south. Chilean territory includes the islands of Juan Fernandez, Salas y Gomez, Desventuradas, and Easter Island. The total area of the country is 756,950 square miles, and it has an estimated population of 17,224,200.

What is the capital of Chile?
Santiago de Chile is the capital of Chile. It is located in the country’s central valley, Santiago Basin. The legislative bodies are situated in the coastal town of Valparaiso, one hour drive to the west of Santiago. Santiago is an Alpha Minus World city, and has modern infrastructure. Conquistador Pedro de Valdivia founded Santiago on February 12, 1541 and named it Santiago del Nuevo Extremo.

What is the currency of Chile?
The Chilean peso is the currency of Chile. Its ISO 4217 code is CLP. It was reintroduced on 29 September,1975. CLP is further subdivided into 100 centavos until 1984.

Which is the largest city of Chile?
Santiago is the largest city of Chile. It was founded by Conquistador Pedro de Valdivia on February 12, 1541. The total area of the metropolitan city is 5,947.2 square miles. It has an estimated population of 200,792, and lies in the Santiago Basin.

What is the official language of Chile?
Spanish is the official language of Chile. Mapudungun, Quechua, Aymara, and Rapa Nui are the indigenous languages. English is mandatory for students in public schools.

Information about Chile collected from http://www.mapsofworld.com/chile/facts.html

About Serving a Mission

We are members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. You can find out more about what we believe at LDS.org. Many young men and women choose to serve a full-time mission, dedicating 18 months to two years of their lives to spread the gospel message and invite people to come unto Christ. We are so proud of Austin for making this choice to serve, and want to send him forth with our love and yours.

About The eBook Authors


Our family loves to read. When the children were younger we visited the library every two weeks, and checked out 25 to 40 books at a time as a family. We read to our children, they read to us, and a number of the children became voracious readers, getting through a thousand pages or more in a week. We thought about how we could give back to the community and to others and thought that it might be by creating a book. This ebook is our first attempt at that, and we hope won’t be our last.

Brenda Giles has a degree in Early Child Development. She has volunteered at the local elementary school for a number of years and in later years has worked there off and on. The children love her, and it is not uncommon to have one of her students or former students spot her in the grocery store and run over to give her a hug, or to see them greet her wherever she goes.

Dean Giles was a Cub Master for 15 years and is currently serving as a Scoutmaster. He works in the Computer/Software industry and has been there some 24 years.

Nathan Giles is a studying neuroscience and hopes to work in the medical industry some day. He is an avid fan of Brandon Sanderson, and is working on his own fantasy/science fiction novel. He teaches piano lessons at our home.

Jennifer Giles is studying Music Education. She plays the French Horn, and is currently learning to play many instruments. She is part of a horn choir that has performed at the state capital and many places around the state and beyond. She has just received her mission call to the Chile, Rancaqua Mission. She will be leaving in July.

Austin Giles is studying Mechanical Engineering, and is currently preparing for a mission. He has been called to the Ghana, Accra Mission. He will be leaving in May.

Andrew and Timothy Giles round out the family, and make every day an adventure.

As a family we tried to portray some of our favorite memories based around a central theme. Many members of the family participated in creating the illustrations. We have put a lot of hours and work into this project and hope that it brings joy to you and your family.


This eBook is dedicated to our two missionaries, Austin and Jennifer Giles. We are delighted that they have chosen to serve and we hope that our combined efforts in this family project will be an inspiration to them as they undertake this awesome endeavor.

May the Lord bless and keep them through the years of their mission and beyond is our continual prayer.

Our family loves to read. When our children were younger we visited the library every two to three weeks, and checked out 25 to 40 books at a time. We read to our children, they read to us, and a number of our children became voracious readers, getting through a thousand pages or more in a week. We thought about how we could give back to the community and to others and thought that it might be by creating a book. This eBook is our first attempt at that, and we hope won’t be our last.

Proceeds From The Sale of The eBook

With the contract that we are under, Amazon returns about a portion of the sale price of eBooks to us, the eBook creators as royalties, the proceeds that we receive from any sales of this eBook will be used to fund Austin’s and Jenny’s mission. Any funds over and above those needed for these missions will be dispersed among siblings to be placed in their mission funds, or will be used to fund schooling for family members.


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