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Everyone knows that Creativity is at the center of writing. I once read that every book that you read is just a different combination of the same 26 letters and some punctuation marks. Think about it! Everything comes down to how creatively you put it all together.

So here is a great boost to your creativity. A book about creativity that is geared towards authors. See for yourself:

                    Add the Creativity

Let your creativity soar!

“You’re Never Gonna Slow Me Down”

How to Remove Roadblocks to Creativity

Doubt, fear, and confusion are the anti-thesis to creativity. You must work to counter your own fears. Here is an activity that is a good way to remove fear and doubt, I call it “Counter Point.”

Crush Fear and Doubt with this counterpoint activity.

Write down every fear or doubt. Then write a counterpoint to it that answers every fear or issue.

For example:


I might as well not bring up my ideas, no one really listens to me any way.

Counter Point

I have great ideas. My ideas often make a difference. People will listen to me, and like my ideas.



This idea is so different that I’ll be laughed at if I suggest it.

Counter Point

Even if others reject my idea, they will respect those who try to show creativity and innovation. Others will see that I am trying to improve the situation. Sometimes the riskier the idea, the greater the reward when it works.


I’ll never be able to do it.

Counter Point

I’ll take it a little bit at a time. I’ll set up a schedule to do a little bit every day. When I see how much I have accomplished, I will be amazed.

Any time a doubt or fear raises up its ugly head, smash it flat with a counter point. You will be surprised at how quickly you will squelch those fears, and let your creativeness loose on your projects and problems.

I have read a number of books that promote one process or another for success in creativity. Most of these books have their own step-by-step process that leads someone to “creative” thinking. After trying many of them, and after watching how creativity works with me and with my teams, I now believe that creative processes are not linear. I believe that they have a tendency to bounce around and to take you on detours that zig-zag you from one activity to another.


To illustrate what I mean, my family and I have hiked many mountain paths. The paths that go straight up the mountain are exhausting, they are steep and very difficult to travel. When it rains, the water runs right down the path, usually digging out gullies and ridges that become obstacles in the path for future hikers.


This last year we were at Zion’s National Park, we hiked a path that lead to a destination called Angel’s Landing. One section of that path is a manmade section that is reinforced with brick and mortar. It is called “Walter’s Wiggles,” and it zig-zags back and forth 24 times from the bottom to the top of the hill-face that we scale at that point. While on that path, every corner seemed like a detour, it felt like such a burden sometimes to flow from one side to the other, but when you see it from a distance, you realized that each level is essential, and that each corner brings you closer to your goal.

Here is a page of resources that might help you:

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