Writing Your Own Book

Book Writing

You have a wealth of knowledge to share. You may not realize just how much you really do have to share, but think about this for a moment. What to people come to you for advice about? Are people looking for your guidance when it comes to relationships? Or maybe every day problems? Do they come to you about work related issues? Or maybe you have hobbies and interests that other people share. Do you have your own strategies for winning at bridge? Are you a chess player? Have you traveled places? What have you seen or done in your lifetime that others might find interesting?

Write a book

A Good Basis For Your Book

Any and all of the things I mentioned above could be a good basis for a book. Writing a book isn’t hard, but it does require discipline and work, the book doesn’t write itself. The key to writing a book is to dig into the things that you know and have an interest and passion about. What stories could you tell about your life? What obstacles did you encounter? What problems did you work through. If you experienced some difficulty with some aspect of your life, it is a sure guarantee that many other people have faced the same issues! You have something they want and need, one– a solution, and two a lot of encouragement. Most people simply need to know that they aren’t alone, that they aren’t traveling this path alone. A book by someone else can give them courage and help them persevere to achieving a solution.

Writing a Step-by-Step Book

That is where writing a Step-byStep book comes in. You can help a lot of people by writing an “instruction” manual. The truth is that when you are solving a problem, you don’t need hundreds of pages, you can cut right to the chase. Tell people in plain English how you solved your problem, the exact steps that you took, and how they can solve their problem the same way, by following your simple steps one at a time.

The beauty of this system is that you can break down most anything that you are good at doing into simple, easy to follow steps, that “anyone” can follow. And you have a working book!

Start Right Now

Start today, write your step-by-step book. I have written a step-by-step book on how to write a step-by-step book. Pick it up here and an incredibly low price, and an amazing value. http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00I0MKFVY/

Pick up your copy today and start something that will create an asset that will bring you money each and every month.

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