Writing Faster 2K to 10K

Writing Faster

Every author dreams of writing faster, it is just part of the package. Isaac Asimov explained that if he found out that he had a terminal disease and would die soon, he wouldn’t get depressed, he would just write faster.

Rachel Aaron tells her story, and describes what it takes to write faster. What I found interesting about her book is that it the answer to faster writing is a little bit obvious, but she breaks it down and provides some templates, tools, and resources that really make writing faster a reality.

Creating a Novel

Rachel presents 5 steps (6 really) that will help any author organize their novel, starting from deciding which story to write to actually designing the plot. She helps any author build a firm foundation for their novel.

Creating Characters

Characters who write their own stories are those you can write quickly, and become endearing to readers. Rachel talks about the concept of agency, and helps authors develop a character sheet with details that help drive the character.

The Three-Act Story

Building a story with suspense and anticipation is required for today’s reader. The book explains how the architecture of the book, chapters, and scenes that will keep an audience interested to the very end.

Creating Scenes

A scene must do all of the following things:

Advance the story, reveal new information, pull the reader forward.

If a scene doesn’t do one of the above, it isn’t enough to progress the story and can’t be a scene on its own.

Editing for People Who Hate Editing

Rachel understands writers. Editing is a bother, and most authors try to avoid it. That is the wrong approach and will leave typos that will destroy the author’s credence with his or her audience. She explains how to make editing less painful and more productive. She introduces some tools, and helps authors get a grip on editing.

2K to 10K is a great book, it will help you write faster, and better.

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