Writing a Step by Step Book

Everyone wants to write faster. Everyone wants their book to be useful and praised. Everyone wants to be on the best seller list.


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But sometimes it is difficult to move from the wants to, to the actually happening column.

The reality is that writing a book needs to have a step by step plan. It needs some concrete goals and tasks. Write a Step by Step book lays out your plan in a concrete manner. It gives you the right model for finding a subject to write about, writing the book, publishing the book and marketing the book.

The biggest problem that most authors face is that the task is too daunting, so it takes them a loooooong time to get anything down on paper. The checklist and the detailed instructions let anyone with the desire to write a book, get right in the there and get it done.

No more writer’s block, no more wondering what to put down, this will kick-start your creativity and your productivity.

Finally find your grove and get your book written.

Write a Step-by-Step Book, By Dean R. Giles.



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