Write About Your Passions

Whether I agree with an author’s opinion or not, I much prefer that the author write about his or her passions. Let me know right up front how you feel and where you stand! Give it to me straight and help me see it from your point of view.

I have seen many authors try to change their style and change what they write about, in and attempt to make their writing more popular. That usually backfires.

Someone who writes from their passions, writes with conviction, is much more focused, is much more interesting, and usually HAS SOMETHING TO SAY.

Writing from your passions usually bypasses the tendency to ramble, because the arguments are much more internalized.


That is why, in my book, Steal Like An Author, I write about unlocking your internal creativity and increasing your ability to recognize your passions, your interests, and your personal observations.

There is a quote by Virginia Wolf that I like:

“So long as you write what you wish to write, that is all that matters; and whether it matters for ages or only for hours, nobody can say. But to sacrifice a hair of the head of your vision, a shade of its color, in deference to some Headmaster with a silver pot in his hand or to some professor with a measuring-rod up his sleeve, is the most abject treachery.”

Victor Hugo Once Said:

“A writer is a world trapped in a person.”

Let your world shine. Let people see that world through your eyes!

Some times it takes a smack on the head with a two-by-four to get us to see what has been in front of us all the time. But there is no doubt that writing about your passions will improve your writing, will help you focus your thought, and will make writing so much more enjoyable.

May the joy of writing fill your heart and “bleed” onto your manuscripts. Let it fill the volumes that you write and the world will rejoice with you.

Dean Giles, Author


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