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7 Secret Steps to Best Selling Author

Book By Dennis Eagle and Oliver Villegas

Kindle has created an opportunity that has never been seen in the literary world before. It provides a market place that can cater to every whim and desire, and is large enough for every author. The problem becomes being discovered somewhere in the 2.5 million titles on Kindle.

Getting At The Core Problem–Becoming a Best Seller

Dennis Eagle and Oliver Villegas attack the problems of writing a book, getting it published, getting it discovered, and selling copies. It is full of templates, checklists, and down to earth awesome author advice.

Best Selling Advice

The advice is immediately implementable and can be consumed in little bits and pieces. It is full of good questions and answers, routines for getting your ideas together and making sure that you  are addressing the needs of customers.

How to Market Your Book

The book spends a good deal of time on marketing, some good tactics to get a lot of search traffic, and other ways of promoting your book.

Comprehensive Book

Overall this is one of the most comprehensive books on developing a Kindle eBook out there. It is a good place for beginning authors to start, but has enough details and content that I haven’t seen anywhere else that it would be excellent for veterans as well.


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