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Perception Becomes Reality

My Perception

I am often amazed at how someone’s perception completely becomes what they think and feel about someone or some object. The story of the blind men describing an elephant comes to mind. One of the blind men grasp the elephant by the trunk thought that it was like a snake. Another grasp the elephant by the leg, and thought that it was like a tree, and so on. All five described the elephant from their point of view—believing firmly in what they knew to be true. But, none of the five had a full picture of what an elephant was, only their perception of what it was.


I was introduced to an adorable children’s book called Be-U-Tee-Full, by Journi Roe.


The innocence and enthusiasm of Cali, one of the main characters in the book, immediately pulled me in. She is busy doing things like bouncing down the stairs when she has a little friend come to visit her.

Her friend has just gotten glasses. Cali’s friend has the perception that the glasses make her look ugly, a perception that is complete reality to this poor little girl. Cali, through encouragement and love, is able to change the perception and the reality for this one precious child.

Journi Roe

I became acquainted with the author of the book, she is a remarkable woman. She understands the power of perception. Her story is one of courage and overcoming immense obstacles in the way. The biggest of those obstacles were her own self-perceptions.

She found a hope to hang on to, and clawed her way out of a dark abyss. She has managed to change those self-perceptions and her mission is to help others see themselves more clearly.

Help Change The World

She wants to change the world one child at a time, and I think she has the means to do it. If you get a chance check out her book, the first one in a planned series, and her facebook page, Inspirational Me. I am truly blessed for having come to know her, and I know you will be too. I look forward to the next installment in the series.

Dean Giles

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