Remembering Mothers

A Mother’s Touch


There is no comfort like a mother’s touch,

It calms all anxious fears and such.

It heals hurt feeling of the day,

And makes the “owies” go away.


There is no soothing like a mother’s lips,

Sweetest songs dance from their tips.

And they can press upon a forehead dear,

A kiss of comfort, love, and cheer.


There is no pillow like a mother’s breast,

Where her child’s sleepy head can rest.

Where neatly gathered on her lap,

Her little child can safely nap.


There is no shelter like a mother’s love,

To shield her child from the storms above.

To protect her child from the cold outside,

To teach compassion, care, and pride.


There is no miracle in God’s great earth,

That compares to the one that does give birth,

And guides her child through great and small,

When God made mothers, he out did them all.

Excerpt from:

Life’s Poetry



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