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How to Write For Kindle

A Non-Fiction Book in 72 Hours or Less

Nancy Hendrickson is a full-time author, she has 13 print books and several Kindle books. She really knows her stuff, and she has an excellent conversational style to her writing.

Nancy’s Credentials

She has a five step system to writing and publishing a book that really makes sense. Hendrickson walks you through the process and points out the important things that need to be done. She is also quick to point out just what is most likely to trip you up as a new or first-time author.

Writing Approach

Hendrickson’s approach is high on quality rather than quantity. Her pet peeve appears to be the proliferation of junk eBooks—and she explains how to avoid those very pit falls, to make sure that your book has quality, a professional cover, and over all competence.

What’s Inside

Discussions on outlining, grammar, and marketing are key areas of focus for the book. But, I really liked the discussion on how to write a non-fiction book fast.

If you are thinking of writing a non-fiction book, this book needs to be in your tool kit!


Order Here: How To Write For Kindle

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On Writing Stephen King

On Writing: A Memoir of the Craft

If you are going to learn writing, it might as well be from someone who has a lot of successful books out there. Stephen King is a literary genius, for sure. Much of his advice follows other main stream writers and coaches, but some of it seems to fly in the face of conventional wisdom. The magic of this book is Stephen’s way of tying the advice into his history of a writer and what led him to the conclusions he proposes as good writing.

What I loved about his presentation of the book is that his process of creating a book revolves more around creating memorable characters, putting them in specific situations, then letting the characters work their way out of the problems.

Emphasis on Character

I have been taught many times to focus on the plot and the flow of the book. Stephen King looks at it differently with a greater focus on character development and handling the situation that the character finds himself in.

War on Adverbs

I also love the all out war on Adverbs. Apparently Adverbs are superficial and extraneous. They really aren’t needed, and should be avoided, according to King.

Best One-Liners

I love his one-liners: “The scariest moment is always just before you start.”  “Amateurs sit and wait for inspiration, the rest of us just get up and go to work.” “Write with the door closed, rewrite with the door open.”

If I have ever read a book that was both informational and entertaining at the same time, this would be the book.

 See the book here:


Customers Who Bought this Item Also Bought

Write a Step-by-Step Book $2.99

Discover Book Ideas $2.99

Keyword Planner $2.99

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Skimlinks Test


Author Reveals Secrets to Getting Published Faster and Getting Better Response

New Book Release

Dean Giles an Amazon # 1 bestselling author, recently released his highly anticipated work, “Write a Step-by-Step Book.” The volume is loved for its simplicity and practical nature. It is being acclaimed as The Resource for anyone who is serious about being a non-fiction writer.


Nonfiction writers are unique in the world. They are the unsung heroes that are actually trying to make a difference in the world and the lives of other people. But many nonfiction writers find themselves frustrated by the writing process. Writing can be difficult and knowing how to research ideas, organize the ideas, and put those ideas into something that will really be useful can be an art form.

Most Authors Are Doing it Wrong

“Truthfully, most authors are doing it wrong, and it shows. If the process feels like going to the dentist, then you really are doing it wrong.”

Writing can be a natural and enjoyable thing. It can naturally lead to both self-fulfillment and good profits, but there are some simple steps that, if followed, can lead to a book that is better accepted and much more profitable.

Simple Steps To Success

Those simple steps are outlined in this easy-to-read, and straight-forward manual. “The key is in the discovery process and the focusing of the author’s effort in producing something that is exactly what the customer needs and presented it in a way that anyone can follow the advice.” Says, the author, Dean Giles.

Readers are attracted to books because of the promise of information. Many books are full of fluff and rhetoric. They never really get to the meat of the problem or how to go about implementing a solution. Writers that can truly identify those needs and spell out how to solve those problems one step at a time, will quickly gain a following and true fans of their work.

The book comes with an easy, step-by-step checklist that will guarantee that nothing is missed along the way.

Take Your Writing Up a Level

As an author, you can move your writing to the next level Step-by-Step, and enjoy the benefits of finishing a nonfiction book that really helps other people, is direct-to-the-point, and can be completed in less time than you ever imagined. Learn more at Write a Step-by-Step book by Dean Giles

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Write Your Own Bestseller

Bestseller Lists

There are a number of bestseller lists, the New York Times bestseller list, the USA Today bestseller list–but today, my favorite bestseller list is the Amazon Category Bestseller list!

I recently ran a promotion for one of my books, a Google Keyword Planner Book.

Get it here.


It had a number of sales after the promotion, and ended up as the #1 bestseller in TWO Categories.

How did I get there?

I kind of fell into the niche and topic. When Google announced they were going to do away with the Keyword Tool, I found myself, out of necessity, moving to the Keyword Planner, kicking and screaming the whole way.

I decided that I might be able to alleviate some of the pain that I experienced for someone else, so I wrote the book. I think that it has hit a sympathetic chord with a few other people out there.

I posted the book promotion to 41 Facebook Groups. The groups are listed in my Write a Step-by-Step Book, .

I also promoted the book on Fiverr, using a gig and a gig extra by bknight where they submitted my free book promotion to 15 free book sites, posted the free book to their blog, and sent out my promotion in their email. At the end of the promotion, the book was selling at a pretty good rate, that more than paid for the $10 spent on the promotion.

You Could Be a Bestselling Author

The opportunity to write a book and profit from it is better than it ever has been in history. I present a step-by-step method for creating non-fiction books that can sell, and I present it in a straight-forward, actionable manner. Although, my emphasis is around step-by-step books, the advice is effective, timeless, and can be used around any niche or genre. Just see for yourself, you might be surprise that you too can write a bestselling book.

Write a Step-by-Step Book, .

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Writing Your Own Book

Book Writing

You have a wealth of knowledge to share. You may not realize just how much you really do have to share, but think about this for a moment. What to people come to you for advice about? Are people looking for your guidance when it comes to relationships? Or maybe every day problems? Do they come to you about work related issues? Or maybe you have hobbies and interests that other people share. Do you have your own strategies for winning at bridge? Are you a chess player? Have you traveled places? What have you seen or done in your lifetime that others might find interesting?

Write a book

A Good Basis For Your Book

Any and all of the things I mentioned above could be a good basis for a book. Writing a book isn’t hard, but it does require discipline and work, the book doesn’t write itself. The key to writing a book is to dig into the things that you know and have an interest and passion about. What stories could you tell about your life? What obstacles did you encounter? What problems did you work through. If you experienced some difficulty with some aspect of your life, it is a sure guarantee that many other people have faced the same issues! You have something they want and need, one– a solution, and two a lot of encouragement. Most people simply need to know that they aren’t alone, that they aren’t traveling this path alone. A book by someone else can give them courage and help them persevere to achieving a solution.

Writing a Step-by-Step Book

That is where writing a Step-byStep book comes in. You can help a lot of people by writing an “instruction” manual. The truth is that when you are solving a problem, you don’t need hundreds of pages, you can cut right to the chase. Tell people in plain English how you solved your problem, the exact steps that you took, and how they can solve their problem the same way, by following your simple steps one at a time.

The beauty of this system is that you can break down most anything that you are good at doing into simple, easy to follow steps, that “anyone” can follow. And you have a working book!

Start Right Now

Start today, write your step-by-step book. I have written a step-by-step book on how to write a step-by-step book. Pick it up here and an incredibly low price, and an amazing value.

Pick up your copy today and start something that will create an asset that will bring you money each and every month.

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Book Smart Give Them What They Want

Give Them What They Want

These immortal words were penned by Churchill, sang by popular hit artists, and recently applied to marketing. In the world of authorship and writing books there could not be a better mantra.

It took John Locke some time to find his audience. His first book had a LOT of one-star reviews. But, once he found the people that loved his book, he sold a million eBooks in five months!

Mark Joyner, in the Great Formula, said, “Find a thirsty crowd, and sell them a glass of water.”


The trick to producing a book or product that sells, isn’t in necessarily finding the “silver bullet” of a topic, as it is finding an “audience” and delivering what they want. I love the imagery that Mark Joyner employs, as he talks about finding a thirsty crowd, then selling them a glass of water.

Where is Your Thirsty Crowd?

Where are the rabid fans that want what you have to deliver? That can be a tricky question. You may have to find them a few at a time and create an email list to cater to their needs. This seems to be a very successful model.

However, getting to a point where you have a following seems to be the real catch. Where do you find your potential customers, and how do you discover what it is that they need?

Finding Your Audience

The Internet has natural pockets of people that share common interests. Usually you can find some of the biggest websites catering to specific interests just by doing Google searches. The top pages returned will often be the ones with the most traffic. You can also search for forums on your chosen topic. There are lots of forums out there.

Now that you have found people interested in your topic, how do you find out what they really want or need? That can be a tricky question also. I find that searching for the threads that have the most views and/or responses tend to let you know what is on the minds of those on the forum. My suggestion is to find the biggest ones, become a member of the forum, and join in the discussion. At some point you can ask, “what are your biggest frustrations?” You want to narrow down their biggest pain points, then you can begin researching how best to help relieve that pain.

Now Give Them What They Want

At this point, you should be very empathetic. You should know a little bit about your audience. You should understand the questions that they are asking, and with a little research you should be able to give them the best answers available at this time. Do a good job with the research—make sure what you give them is actionable, and step-by-step if possible. Focus on solving a single problem, one that can make a good book title, or good sound-bite. That will help build your brand and your name recognition.

Your goal as a writer is to connect to your audience, pull them in, and help them out. If you can do that you will have people returning again, and again to get more of what they want from you. Be sure that your answers are as thorough as they need to be. I have heard Barbara Ling say, ”sell them what they want, but deliver what they need.” I think that is an important point. Often customers have an idea of what it is that they want, but they don’t know exactly what it is that they need. You have done the research, you should know what they need as well, and you have to deliver that.

Writing a book or an information product that sells depends on finding your audience, understanding them well enough, to give them what they want and what they need.

That is the formula in a nut shell. Now go out and put it into practice.

Are you ANGRY about Google Pulling their Keyword Tool?

Thrive with the new Keyword Planner: How to manual

Download the Cheat-Sheet Checklist

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Free PDF Color Pages

The Homework Goblin and Ashley Howland

BE-U-TEE-FUL and Journi Roe

Entertaining Children’s Books


Kids Stories For Reading

Children Books

childrens books

Everyone knows that among the most important skills children need to learn, reading tops the list. Children that read well develop confidence at school, they understand directions, because they can go back and re-read the instructions if they can’t remember. Reading well puts them ahead, and will certainly be a part of any education program and really any career that they might choose.

Parents hold the key to whether their children begin to read early, and the attitudes towards reading that children develop. Reading can be enjoyable, if parents will take the time to read to their children, and listen to their children read on a regular basis (hopefully everyday).

Reading eBooks

There are a number of devices that make reading even easier and more readily available today than ever before. These include iPad, iPods, Kindle, Nook, and other digital readers.

The cost for eBooks can be significantly less than for hard copy books, and an eReader can contain hundreds of books that can be packed around virtually anywhere.

Have a Look

Here are a few eBooks you might want to take a look at to read with your children.

[amzn_product_inline asin=’B00BWAP6SS’]

[amzn_product_inline asin=’B00D37UHH8′]

[amzn_product_inline asin=’0375834931′]

[amzn_product_inline asin=’0307995089′]

[amzn_product_inline asin=’037581129X’]

A Children’s Book For Father’s Day

Reading With My Child


I absolutely loved reading with my children. Every evening as we were winding down for the evening, I would have the opportunity to slide a child next to me on the couch and we would open up a children’s book.

Sometimes it was a picture book, sometimes an easy reader, and sometimes it was a young adult fiction book. It really depended on the reading level and the child’s desires. With some books my son or daughter would read each page to me. With other, more wordy children’s chapter books, they would read one page to me, and I would read one page to them. We went on wonderful virtual adventures together. The antics of the “Cat In The Hat” or the problems solved by the Berenstain Bears filled our evenings.

I used the ideas from the books that we read as the basis of the stories that I would tell my children on occasion. Sometimes my kids asked for a bed time story, and though I would change up the stories a bit, I retold the tales a number of times. As my children got older, and started reading wholly on their own, I found I had no new fodder for my stories , and the kids got tired of the same old stories, so the stories mostly ceased.

I think back on those days very fondly, and think, If I could have one father’s day gift today, it would be to step back in time for an hour and read one more story with my son or daughter. One of them cradled under my arm and slowly sharing a single children’s book before bed.

[amzn_product_inline asin=’B00BWAP6SS’]

[amzn_product_inline asin=’037581129X’]

[amzn_product_inline asin=’0375834931′]

[amzn_product_inline asin=’0307118398′]

[amzn_product_inline asin=’0307995089′]

[amzn_product_inline asin=’1561486086′]

Children need memories. Make time every night to read with your child. Ignite their imagination, and show them by your actions that spending time with them is important to you.

Happy Father’s Day to all of the Dads out there.



Welcome all Authors and Writers. After having launched my own eBooks on Kindle, and fighting the good fight to get it there and finally get it selling, I wanted to share this wealth of information that helped me along the way.

First of all, you can download the “Places Where You Can Still Post Your Free Kindle eBook and Get Lots of Downloads” short report here.


Here are the tools that I have found useful.

Brandon Sanderson’s How to Write Fantasy/Adventure Novels Training. — This is available over the internet and is Brandon Sanderson’s fiction writing class.

Kindle Direct Publishers Pages — Where you can upload your Kindle book when it is ready to go.

Amazon Author Central — Where you can tell your readers about you, and is tied to your Amazon published books.

KInstant Formatter — The fastest way to to perfectly format your eBook for Kindle.

Page One Profits — A great way to get to the top of the Amazon search pages.

Help Us Give Away 10,000 eBooks

Get Your FREE eBook

On April 12 through April 16  the children’s eBook below will be available without cost.

Click on the Cover to see more about the book, and to see INSIDE!

The snow birthday

[amzn_product_inline asin=’B00BWAP6SS’]

Number of eBooks Given Away

Check back often to see how many we have given away. Also register in the upper right hand corner to receive a PDF document with Coloring Pages, and an email from us with the final count.

We will post the numbers often here, during the free days, and will post the total after the free days are up. Please help us reach our goal.

Our Service To Help Austin and Jenny


Austin and Jenny have chosen to serve full time missions. Austin has been called to serve in Ghana, a country in Africa. Jenny has been called to serve in Chile, in South America. Austin will be arriving in Ghana May 3, 2013.

In honor of the the service they will be providing, and with the hope and faith that their service will touch hundreds, maybe even thousands of families and people, we wanted to perform a service of our own.

As a family, we designed, crafted, illustrated, and published a children’s eBook. The book is available on Amazon here.

Our Family’s Gift To Your Family


This is a gift, prepared with love, that we are trying to give to 10,000 families or more. From our family to yours. We have scheduled with Amazon to have five free days from April 12-16.

We are hoping that this small act of service will touch many people, and that reaching this lofty goal will give Austin and Jenny the confidence that, with God’s help, they can accomplish great things while out there on their missions.

We would ask that you accept our gift of service, by downloading the eBook that we made. You can download the book from amazon at this link: If possible, please try to download it on the first free day, so we have an idea of how many more we need to give away before the end of our grace period. Then pass this link around to your friends and family. Post it on Facebook, or include it in a tweet. Keep in mind that the eBook will only be FREE April 12-16, so we will have to have reached our goal by midnight April 16. Please send as many people as you can to for their free eBook.

Thank you so much for your kind help and support,

With Love,

The Giles Family,

Dean, Brenda, Nathan, Jennifer, Austin, Andrew, Timothy

Instructions for Downloading Your eBook

Get your eBook by clicking on the add to cart or more information buttons below. You will be sent directly to Amazon. If you are here between April 12-16 the cost of the book will show up as $0.00. If you don’t get here during those days, the cost of the eBook is $2.99. You complete the transaction just like any transaction on Amazon, just that the purchase price is nothing for those free days. Thanks again for downloading the eBook.


About Ghana


Below are answers to some of the most common questions, people always ask;


So where is Ghana? Is Ghana, Africa?

Ghana is located in West Africa. It is sandwiched between Ivory Coast to the West and Togo to the East, Burkina Fasso to the North and the sandy shores of the Gulf of Guinea to the south.


Ghanaians are made up of many ethnic groups. Some of these groups include the Akans, Mole- Dagbon, Ewes, and the Ga- Adangbes just to name a few, with the Akans being the majority.


Due to the diverse ethnicity, there are over 100 different dialects spoken in Ghana. English has become the official language since the British took over in the colonial days. Now over 60% of the total population can read and write English.

Information about Ghana collected from

About Chile

Where is Chile?
Chile is one of the two countries in Latin America that do not border Brazil. It occupies a long, narrow coastal strip between the Pacific Ocean and the Andes mountains. It shares borders with Peru in the north, Bolivia in the northeast, Argentina in the east, and the Drake Passage in the south. Chilean territory includes the islands of Juan Fernandez, Salas y Gomez, Desventuradas, and Easter Island. The total area of the country is 756,950 square miles, and it has an estimated population of 17,224,200.

What is the capital of Chile?
Santiago de Chile is the capital of Chile. It is located in the country’s central valley, Santiago Basin. The legislative bodies are situated in the coastal town of Valparaiso, one hour drive to the west of Santiago. Santiago is an Alpha Minus World city, and has modern infrastructure. Conquistador Pedro de Valdivia founded Santiago on February 12, 1541 and named it Santiago del Nuevo Extremo.

What is the currency of Chile?
The Chilean peso is the currency of Chile. Its ISO 4217 code is CLP. It was reintroduced on 29 September,1975. CLP is further subdivided into 100 centavos until 1984.

Which is the largest city of Chile?
Santiago is the largest city of Chile. It was founded by Conquistador Pedro de Valdivia on February 12, 1541. The total area of the metropolitan city is 5,947.2 square miles. It has an estimated population of 200,792, and lies in the Santiago Basin.

What is the official language of Chile?
Spanish is the official language of Chile. Mapudungun, Quechua, Aymara, and Rapa Nui are the indigenous languages. English is mandatory for students in public schools.

Information about Chile collected from

About Serving a Mission

We are members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. You can find out more about what we believe at Many young men and women choose to serve a full-time mission, dedicating 18 months to two years of their lives to spread the gospel message and invite people to come unto Christ. We are so proud of Austin for making this choice to serve, and want to send him forth with our love and yours.

About The eBook Authors


Our family loves to read. When the children were younger we visited the library every two weeks, and checked out 25 to 40 books at a time as a family. We read to our children, they read to us, and a number of the children became voracious readers, getting through a thousand pages or more in a week. We thought about how we could give back to the community and to others and thought that it might be by creating a book. This ebook is our first attempt at that, and we hope won’t be our last.

Brenda Giles has a degree in Early Child Development. She has volunteered at the local elementary school for a number of years and in later years has worked there off and on. The children love her, and it is not uncommon to have one of her students or former students spot her in the grocery store and run over to give her a hug, or to see them greet her wherever she goes.

Dean Giles was a Cub Master for 15 years and is currently serving as a Scoutmaster. He works in the Computer/Software industry and has been there some 24 years.

Nathan Giles is a studying neuroscience and hopes to work in the medical industry some day. He is an avid fan of Brandon Sanderson, and is working on his own fantasy/science fiction novel. He teaches piano lessons at our home.

Jennifer Giles is studying Music Education. She plays the French Horn, and is currently learning to play many instruments. She is part of a horn choir that has performed at the state capital and many places around the state and beyond. She has just received her mission call to the Chile, Rancaqua Mission. She will be leaving in July.

Austin Giles is studying Mechanical Engineering, and is currently preparing for a mission. He has been called to the Ghana, Accra Mission. He will be leaving in May.

Andrew and Timothy Giles round out the family, and make every day an adventure.

As a family we tried to portray some of our favorite memories based around a central theme. Many members of the family participated in creating the illustrations. We have put a lot of hours and work into this project and hope that it brings joy to you and your family.


This eBook is dedicated to our two missionaries, Austin and Jennifer Giles. We are delighted that they have chosen to serve and we hope that our combined efforts in this family project will be an inspiration to them as they undertake this awesome endeavor.

May the Lord bless and keep them through the years of their mission and beyond is our continual prayer.

Our family loves to read. When our children were younger we visited the library every two to three weeks, and checked out 25 to 40 books at a time. We read to our children, they read to us, and a number of our children became voracious readers, getting through a thousand pages or more in a week. We thought about how we could give back to the community and to others and thought that it might be by creating a book. This eBook is our first attempt at that, and we hope won’t be our last.

Proceeds From The Sale of The eBook

With the contract that we are under, Amazon returns about a portion of the sale price of eBooks to us, the eBook creators as royalties, the proceeds that we receive from any sales of this eBook will be used to fund Austin’s and Jenny’s mission. Any funds over and above those needed for these missions will be dispersed among siblings to be placed in their mission funds, or will be used to fund schooling for family members.


Amazon affiliate links are being used to manage and track visitor clicks and eBook sales. Dean Giles is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to As per Amazon’s terms of service we are disclosing that affiliate links are being used, which means that we may receive a small commission for purchases made after following those links, and that is on top of the royalties received for sale of the eBook.