Breaking Silence (Now in Paperback)

Now in Paperback!!

In every story there’s always something that happens, that makes a person question who they are. In life there are ups and downs, romance and big fights. This is a story that has all of those things, but I want to focus on the things that people don’t really like to talk about, the sad stuff, the points in life that people tend to ignore, or want to forget, or even skip over completely. That is what I want to focus on, because everyone goes through it, even if they deny it. 

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Chapter 1: The Meeting


My parents always taught me to be nice and smile at everyone, I had no idea it could completely change someone’s life.


Day 1:

The sound of my alarm clock blasting, once again, woke me up from my comfy bed. I looked at the time and it said it was six o’ clock, “if the sun’s not up yet, then why do I have to be?” I wondered as I lazily got out of bed and stretched. I put on jeans, a dark blue t-shirt, and my favorite Converse shoes. I raked through my dark hair, snagging on the ends that reached to the middle of my back. I hurried down the stairs and said goodbye to my mom, grabbing a granola bar on the way. Then jumped in my little blue jeep, and raced down the road.

The day went by in a blur; it was your classic high school that had boring white walls, with black soldier like lockers that lined the hallways. It had everything in it, that a normal school did; snotty cheerleaders, big jocks, and book nerds. I, however, wasn’t a cheerleader or a nerd; I just kind of blended in. People chatted before the bell rang to go to class, some people stood in a big crowd, others sat on the ground along the lockers. I tried not to draw attention to myself as I squeezed past the groups; I wasn’t very tall so people could easily squash me if I wasn’t careful.

I was a senior this year and I was looking forward to the only thing a senior looks forward to…graduation. I still had a while before that, but it was the only motivation I had, so I was sticking to it.


I finally made it to my class before lunch, English with Mrs. Tate. “Alright class, we’re switching seats.” Mrs. Tate said in a light tone. She was a quirky little lady, in her late forties with short blonde hair, and black square framed glasses that always seemed to bounce when she laughed. “Please sit where I call your name.”

She went down the rows saying names, when she got to the middle of the room, I heard my name. I stood up and was walking to my new seat, but stopped dead, when I saw the person that was about to be my new neighbor. It was Christian Lazarr, he moved here at the beginning of the year and everybody thought he was scary looking. He was tall and muscular, with pale skin, and dark black hair that hung in his ice cold blue eyes. He always wore black, and no one had ever heard him talk, and I mean no one.

I slowly sat down but he didn’t say anything, he didn’t even acknowledge me. He just stared at the desk; I could see why people were afraid of him. A voice inside my head told me maybe I should talk to him, but I instantly shook the thought away. There was no way I was going to talk to him, he could’ve been that creepy guy who murders you in the woods when your car won’t start. But a part of me wondered if he was lonely, he was scary looking but even scary people got lonely sometimes…right?

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