Welcome all Authors and Writers. After having launched my own eBooks on Kindle, and fighting the good fight to get it there and finally get it selling, I wanted to share this wealth of information that helped me along the way.

First of all, you can download the “Places Where You Can Still Post Your Free Kindle eBook and Get Lots of Downloads” short report here.


Here are the tools that I have found useful.

Brandon Sanderson’s How to Write Fantasy/Adventure Novels Training. — This is available over the internet and is Brandon Sanderson’s fiction writing class.

Kindle Direct Publishers Pages — Where you can upload your Kindle book when it is ready to go.

Amazon Author Central — Where you can tell your readers about you, and is tied to your Amazon published books.

KInstant Formatter — The fastest way to to perfectly format your eBook for Kindle.

Page One Profits — A great way to get to the top of the Amazon search pages.

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