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Guy Kawasaki and Shawn Welch

Three Parts to Play if You Want To Succeed as a Writer


Guy and Shawn explain how to write your book. They go over a lot of information that most people don’t have. From how to finance your book, to how to edit the book.

They go over tools that writers can use and what made the difference while they were putting their book together. Among the important details of creating a book, they discuss how to avoid the dreaded self-published look. Probably the most important part of getting your book off of the ground is to make it look professional.

They also go over how to get a professional looking cover, and how to design it so that it is effective in drawing in the target audience. The book cover and the title are the only thing most people see–and you get two seconds or less to make the impression that you want.

How to Publish Your Book

A basic understanding of book distribution is required. Knowing how to use the available distribution channels is a must. They cover Amazon, Apple, Barns and Noble, Google, and Kobo.

Discussions about converting your file to different formats for each of the distribution channels, how to sell your book directly to customers, how to use author-services companies, print-on-demand, and even how to price your book, are found in this inclusive volume.

Book Marketing is a Big Deal

Issues that involve book marketing are things like how to navigate Amazon, how to guerilla-market your book, how to build your brand, how to create a platform, how to use social media, how to use blog commenting, and how to pitch bloggers and reviewers.

The Case Study

They show how the principles in the book are applied with the case study for their own book. Nothing can be better than to see the principles espoused clearly demonstrated and the results examined.

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