Are You Struggling For Book Ideas?

Every writer struggles from time to time with collecting the right ideas for books that they want to write.

Wouldn’t it be amazing if you could quickly find those ideas, and know up front that the books you write about those ideas would have the best chances of being popular?


What if you had simple ways to kick-start your own creativity and insight, pulling up amazing ideas for publication?

I used to agonize over which ideas to pursue, and usually had plenty of remorse for not selecting the “other” idea, because the ones that I chose just didn’t give me any good results.

I finally found a couple of secrets that made finding and selecting great book ideas so much easier.

The first one is that popular books spring from popular ideas. Just think about it. If you are trying to start a “new” conversation, there really aren’t that many people tuned into that new idea or listening to that new channel. However, when you are able to add relevant thoughts and ideas to the “current” conversation, there are a lot more people willing to lend an ear.

In the book, Discover Book Ideas, you will learn how to find those conversations. How to discover what book topics are popular, and how to add your personal style and flare to make your book unique and amazing.

The second secret is that each person has relevant interests, knowledge, and skills that other people need and want. Discover Book Ideas will help your self-discovery of what you already have to offer. It will also help you find other people with the same interests and teach you how to get in front of those who really NEED what you have to teach them.

It has been said that everyone has a book inside of them. The reality is that it probably several books. You have so much to offer. Discover the right book ideas, and let your own personal creativity produce something worth spreading the word about.




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